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Congressional Act


Preface: The “Real” State of Veteran Affairs

Some people say, and in our view, the Veterans Administration is criminally responsible for not informing the wounded veteran that they are entitled and deserving of compensation.

Some of our veteran’s disabling conditions can only be determined by psychologists, psychiatrists, and other specialists that veterans are not told of, not informed of or otherwise notified of.

Our lives have been miserable because of injuries acquired from the military. Receiving our past due compensation will allow us the ability to retrieve some of the quality of life that has been taken from us, hidden, or withheld from us.

In some cases, veterans have been losing out on their compensation for years. Their lives could now become tolerable; to buy the “averaged priced” house they were promised when they joined the military. Maybe to buy dental implants for themselves or to acquire goods and services, which the Veterans Administration does not provide for us in any case. We will finally have a good chance in society, which we have been missing. Missing for decades, for some of us.

Some veterans are owed past due compensation and are eating out of garbage cans and dying on the streets in misery. Torture and abuse by the Veterans Administration runs rampant so we believe this is being done purposefully! Some veterans live on the streets or live in the woods when the Veterans Administration owes them some hundreds of thousands of past due compensation.

Some veterans that have been hurt or abused by the military or the V.A. run screaming from the experience they have had then try to forget about their ordeals. Many of our veterans have acquired conditions such as T.B.I (traumatic brain injury), and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) that has left them unaware or wary of any paperwork needed to receive compensation. These policies and decisions are faulty and criminal by the Veterans Administration (Veteran Affairs).

We enlisted to protect all of our rights, for all of our citizens and those who vote. We have taken our oath to protect all citizens “from all enemies, foreign and domestic.” It is now time to determine who are those domestic enemies we should be protecting ourselves from, and have come to the conclusion that the Veterans Administration in the United States of America is our domestic enemy.

Drinking alcohol helps us to forget. Drug use is also a good way to forget about our V.A. or past military experiences. These methods are only temporary and destructive. The Veterans Affairs position on alcohol is to attend AA meetings! The Veterans Administration position is that they push pharmaceuticals!

We can fight and die to protect everyone’s rights and privileges but our veterans do not deserve their past due compensation?

This is dysfunctional at best. The Veterans Administration is just putting us off so we die. V.A. experiments on us. Lip Service = Suicide Anyone? Thank you, V.A!

We have feelings of helplessness for many reasons.

Attorneys are never mentioned at the local V.A. service office, resource centers, vets transitional housing, or any other groups. Nowhere will you ever even hear the words: agent, lawyer or attorney!

Suicide is obviously the result of abuse. We feel the V.A. must change immediately. The lack of legal representation is the direct link to veteran suicides. We now guarantee this to be factual. We now demand action by our representatives, our senators, our congressman, our judiciary, and of course, the people, and the fair-minded citizenry, perhaps our chief executive could take the proper action needed. Executive order would be appropriate.

The V.A. already knows (mostly) who is disabled, or deserving of compensation. Voting mail and phone records can be used to affirm addresses. And if not, they will now. Past Due Compensation must be paid at any cost.

Has the V.A been stealing secretly the single veterans compensation money? Where does the awarded compensation money go? The money awarded to vets and not the V.A administration?

When a veteran finally asks the V.A. for help, they are never told they should talk with other vets that have been in the system and had a good positive experience. The V.A. discourages vets to talk to other vets. We are isolated and kept away from other vets like ourselves. They do this purposely.

If a potential new recruit knows that they will be compensated in case of injury while enlisted, they will do so without reservations. The way it is now…a recruit would ask, “Why join the military if I won’t be taken care of in case of injury or compensated in case of injury?”

If you (the V.A. or the Military) keep abusing our vets this way with no past due compensation, you will lose a strong military because our potential soldiers will do something else with their talents! All the potential recruits will be notified of these new conditions and veteran rights.


Problems = Suicide

Torture = Abandonment

  • No Civilian Help, Lack of Donation Programs in our County
  • Wounded Warriors and other charitable organizations show us immediately that the V.A. is nowhere near enough for our individual vets.
  • Help with finding housing for ALL vets with others.
    • There are plenty of horror stories told by our local vets!
  • Heart Attacks and Surgery patients are discharged the next day.
  • Local programs are nowhere near enough to address capacity
  • One knee replacement is ok. The other knee, painful disaster.
  • Dental Implants. Promised for years but never received.
  • One good hip replacement, the other hip, painful disaster.
  • Heart Medications sent late or to the wrong address.
  • You can only collect benefits if you fight like hell for it.
  • The only known advocate for us vets is an advocate at the V.A. for the V.A.!
  • Attitude of the V.A. is of vindictive children. If you complain, you get ignored more.
  • There is no recourse for the malpractice at the V.A. hospital
  • A. experiments on us so we don’t even go back!
  • There have been reports of abuse, even rape, in our V.A. hospitals.
  • Civilian hospitals sometimes have lawyer and attorney reps in their emergency rooms and waiting rooms.
  • We now understand that lawyers are told not to take our cases.
  • The Justice Department will be notified, and this abhorrence will change!
  • What happened to all the past due compensation, for years?
  • A. never says “you need a lawyer” as in lying by omission, this issue elevates to abandonment.
  • After complaining formally four times in the last 1.5 years because of a bad hip replacement, the V.A. does not even call me back? Abandonment and Torture!
  • When you realize the V.A. ratings are not standardized, some vets get less (50%), some get too much (210% or 130%), yet get paid at 100%, we can realize the system is being manipulated.



The first time and date, any disabling condition acquired while enlisted in the armed forces, any instance or incident shall now be the “effective date” or start date that compensation shall begin. The Veterans Administration’s rule that compensation begins after the claim form is filled out and approved by the V.A. will now be changed. The V.A. will immediately change this terrible, devastating, rule that says, if you received a disabling condition while in the service of your country you will not receive the compensation you deserve.

The Veterans Administration’s rule shall now read, “Compensation will begin, accrue, and be paid from date of injury or condition acquired.” More alike, the civil law we have enlisted to defend. Very simply, all the veterans with disability percentage ratings are to be compensated fully from their initial incident date immediately. This applies to all living Veterans.

Refusing past due compensation to Veterans by the Veterans Administration or any other agency or person(s) or entity will now be a crime and vigorously prosecuted for negligence, abuse, and abandonment.

Once a year, on a regular schedule, all deserving veterans will receive a letter of notification, notification of their disabilities and of compensation that is due and payable to them. Also to invite them to be evaluated or re-evaluated for any conditions he/she has acquired. Failure of the Veterans Administration to notify a Veteran of their rights, their disability percentages or compensation accrued and to be paid and of treatments available, will now be considered criminal acts and vigorously prosecuted for negligence, abuse, and abandonment.


Veteran Affairs Administration
15357 “Letter” Street N.W.
Washington, D.C. ####

Dear Sir or Ma’am,

We found the records stating your foot was run over by a tank on January 1, 1980. Sorry for your injury. We, the VA, have determined your incident deemed you 30% since then, we therefore will be issuing a check to you, 30% x 38 years. We apologize for not compensating you sooner, and for our failure to notify you sooner of your rights, entitlements, and compensation.

We further invite you to visit our local facility at _____ any day and/or respond to this letter at (###) ### - #### or via email at ###@####.### to be evaluated or re-evaluated as you desire.




Our Veteran Partners