Our mission is to improve the lives of our veteran community.

Est. April 4, 2017
EIN 832220954
Board Members: Robert Carrigan, Kenneth Windham, Craig Hyder.

Please help us help veterans!
80% to 90% of all donations go to veterans.

Learn the Importance of Joining VPFI

Find support & assistance

Become a part of our community, share your experiences and issues, help and get help. Join and raise awareness to help build a strong community where vulnerability will be erased.

Get help with legal issues

It's widely known that most of veterans struggle with legal issues and have not yet been giving a platform such as VPFI when solutions can be found

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Improve living conditions

Our future goals are aimed towards providing temporary and permanent housing to our community members. Please join VPFI to help achieve those goals.

Donate for a good cause!

Donate to us

Donations of goods are always welcome. Whether you're a member or not, you can donate to us and join the list of our sponsors / partners.

Support our fundraiser

VPFI is a non-profit and all our funds come from our community. We have set up a go-fundme page and a PayPal account to collect donations.

Our Veteran Partners