Filing Disability Claims

V.A. Hospital = V.A. Denial
Veterans that file disability claims find themselves and their conditions denied by the V.A.. Many veterans assert that the V.A. workers don’t even read the claims they submit. That’s how bad we are being treated. Even if the veterans have proof of disability documented, the V.A. will deny the claim for disability compensation.
One local Santa Cruz county veteran received a good hip replacement from Palo Alto hospital and then a one bad and painful second hip replacement. This is a 50% success rate, which equals a malpractice rate, and a lawsuit may incur. This is happening all the time. Are V.A. hospitals just experimenting on us? That’s what it seems like. We have learned of so many other problems with the V.A. and some of us even believe we would be better off with the V.A. abolished. Stories include one good knee replacement and a bad one on the same patient. There are many more examples.

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