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General Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the life of our local vets. After 5 years of studies and research going through the county vets programs, after being abused by the V.A. healthcare system, some of us have found it to be flabbergasting, inefficient and absurd. “To defend and protect from all enemies, local and foreign (Do we have enemies? Who are they?), veterans have to diagnose and make appointments for themselves.  To “defend and protect “ veterans locally and everywhere else until there are no more “needy” vets, we have to fight hard to get healthcare and housing. Illegals in California get free healthcare, driver’s licenses plus housing subsidies we have to fight for. Sanctuary cities and states means some laws are selectively enforced and others not. People need to know how badly we’re being treated here in the Santa Cruz county, CA and everywhere else in our country, pass it on!

We enlisted to protect our sovereign country and are rewarded with abandonment and torture. And illegals are now flooding the country. No vets want that.

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Donations of goods are always welcome. Whether you're a member or not, you can donate to us and join the list of our sponsors / partners.

Our Food program

We run a food drive to collect food and beverage for our members in need. Please send us an email or call us if you want to help.

Support our fundraiser

VPFI is a non-profit and all our funds come from our community. We have set up a go-fundme page and a PayPal account to collect donations.

Our Veteran Partners