Retrieving Past Due Compensation

“Lots of veterans are missing benefits and back pay and don’t even know it.  The veteran administration is supposed to pay you back to your effective date.” The problem is the V.A. often gives the wrong effective date. Veterans then loose out on many thousands of dollars. –Cornell Law School

Is the V.A. stealing our money?

This is deV.A.stating to the whole veterans community. We are not receiving all our past due compensations. Over the last five years while dealing with the V.A. administration, we have found that our money is being withheld on purpose. Some assert that the V.A. is stealing from us, so we are being punished and ignored (this has been described as torture and abandonment). Veterans without compensations don’t have a chance in society.  They don’t have a choice to live how they live, and end up with many social problems that lead right to suicide. They may also abuse others. It’s circular; abuse gets abused. Past Due Compensation is our number one priority!

Please help us with our most important issue w/V.A.…

» "Injured Veterans Should Get Back Pay From Date of Injury" - Read Article in the U.S. Observer

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