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Supplemental Food – Survival

When veterans finally start getting help through the programs that exist they may realize that these programs are not very suitable. Some of our needs are:
Relaxed camaraderie, a place where veterans can express themselves 24/7. Where’s the love man?
Regular meet-ups and/or field trips.
Regular meet-ups where veterans share their needs, desires, resources and thoughts in order to educate one-another.
Friendly competitions – “Best at” Horseshoes, Air Pevet, Marksmay, Pool Shark, Golfer,and more... “Letter Writer” “Living with TBI.”

We appreciate donating (sharing) your ideas as we begin to grow.
Let’s work on a mailing list including email addresses and phone numbers, so vets can stay in touch. If there’s no means of communication, some existing programs will be used only to divide and conquer.
No way to know, where is my vet friend Kenny?
What exists now is none will tell you. criquets…

Donate to us

Donations of goods are always welcome. Whether you're a member or not, you can donate to us and join the list of our sponsors / partners.

Our Food program

We run a food drive to collect food and beverage for our members in need. Please send us an email or call us if you want to help.

Support our fundraiser

VPFI is a non-profit and all our funds come from our community. We have set up a go-fundme page and a PayPal account to collect donations.

Our Veteran Partners