Leo Randall

To whom it may concern - My name is Leo Randall. I am 72 years old, a veteran and senior citizen, retired, permanently disabled (32 medical pains and problems) and I live on social security disability. I live in Santa Cruz and I am moving to Marina at the VTC there. I still have my section 8 voucher for a one bedroom in Santa Cruz County. I moved to Santa Cruz in 2003 to be near my son Charles, who moved up from LA in 2002. I came to Santa Cruz in 2003 to be close to him. When I first got in to town, there was absolutely nothing for veterans except for a building next to the post office downtown, which was closed!

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Lee. J Ivy Testimonial

I had an injury while in the US Navy which included T.B.I.

It was 1982. I received a general discharge (under honorable conditions) after my performance declined to substandard due to my injuries. Until 2014, I was, with the exception of family and friends, without help. I was homeless and at most times, unemployable.

It wasn’t until 2014, veterans stand down that I finally got medical records from the time of injury, and medical needs and housing needs addressed for which I am very grateful.

This T.B.I. has diminished my ability to function normally. Although I do receive compensation for other needs, I still receive none for TBI, depression, anxiety disorder, insomnia, chronic pain, and headaches, all of which I am still prescribed medications by the V.A.

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