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What Exists as “Helping Vets” Programs

There’s a program called HUD (Housing + Urban Development, Hud-Vash) for veterans. This program is to subsidize low-income housing for civilians, poor people that move here from other states or cities, illegal aliens, migrant workers, low-income college students, and other disadvantaged people. Veterans compete for these subsidies with people authorities view as disadvantaged, or taken advantage of by society. Many of these people expect free stuff from our government. At the same time they abuse the veterans by not prioritizing their plight-past-due benefits, or by putting vets on top of the list for housing instead of illegal aliens. Our crooked county bureaucracy is the administer of these kinds of programs.
Theses existing programs of subsidies to veterans keep the local rent overpriced, makes it harder for vets to compete in the housing market, and it keeps the tax bracket high. The money the vets are supposed to benefit from is then wasted on rich landlords and friends of the county of Santa Cruz, and officials and administrators. Crooked Criminals County!

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