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What We Do – How We Can Work with Civilians

- Rural Property for Garden Crops
- Rural Property for Temporary Campgrounds
- For Tiny House Village – we engineer tiny houses since 2006!
- Attorneys of different specialties, we have cases of past due compensation for at least 6-8 vets with rock solid cases. Presently, lawyers are needed, to upgrade disability ratings because some are soon to be illegally evicted, some for child support, and others for consequentially from lack of concern by the V.A. and the locally administered office.
- Coffee Shop – Café – 24/7
- Representation by Civilian Advocates
- Locally administered vets programs be democratically elected and must have already been. No more Homeless denied V.A. services or poorly compensated. Experienced people elected by the vets themselves.
- Warehouse – Temporary Storage
- Car Shop – Jobs Fixing Cars, Vehicles
- Farm w/Barn

Donate to us

Donations of goods are always welcome. Whether you're a member or not, you can donate to us and join the list of our sponsors / partners.

Our Food program

We run a food drive to collect food and beverage for our members in need. Please send us an email or call us if you want to help.

Support our fundraiser

VPFI is a non-profit and all our funds come from our community. We have set up a go-fundme page and a PayPal account to collect donations.

Our Veteran Partners