What We May Accept as Donations – Finances & Funding

We can accept donations such as:
-Where’s the love man?
- Cash
- Apartment buildings
- Cars, trucks, Vans
- Standalone houses
- Property – food –farm
- Acreage…or the use thereof
- Volunteering – Advocates (esp vets w/T.B.I., PTS.)
- Professional services – donate some services – R.U.A.good attorney?
- Legal services including bail for vets
- Food – property – chickens – organic – weekly Sunday dinners?
- Housing – dwelling – reduced rent…farm – barn?

Donate to us

Donations of goods are always welcome. Whether you're a member or not, you can donate to us and join the list of our sponsors / partners.

Our Food program

We run a food drive to collect food and beverage for our members in need. Please send us an email or call us if you want to help.

Support our fundraiser

VPFI is a non-profit and all our funds come from our community. We have set up a go-fundme page and a PayPal account to collect donations.

Our Veteran Partners